Hi. I’m Jaysin Trevino. Welcome to my site. I’m 27.35 years old, and I like techy stuff. I work at a tech support office, and it’s only a seven-minute walk from my place. That’s me in my room with five Macs. I have a really exciting life of doing mostly nothing. It’s actually quite nice. I feel bad for people who get bored.

Sometimes I take pictures. Those are eventually uploaded to flickr, and 7.2% of those are actually good. My perfectionist nature is to blame for the lack of timely updates to the site, flickr photostream, facebook news feed, and twitter feed. But that just means you only see the good stuff that’s worthy of public consumption. You’re welcome.

The target audience for this site is really just me. I put things on here that would be helpful or interesting to a person exactly like me. I’m exclusive like that. Enjoy.

Feel free to contact me at:

See what I did there?