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In the Beginning

Squarespace had a free 14-day trial, and with my old site hosting plan expiring in about the same timeframe, I decided to give it a go. They advertise fine-grain control of every detail of each page, but I was more concerned with the initial overall look. I settled on this look and customized the basics, leaving the details to be sorted out later. But it looks more than just acceptable now, which is what would’ve happened if I made this site from scratch. I’ve tried it before and I just end up obsessing over the details before the foundation is even sturdy. It was bad. So I’ll just work with this store-bought box of ingredients, and maybe change the recipe over time.

Basically, I intend this to be somewhere to spew my random thoughts that require more space than Twitter’s 140 characters. Maybe throw in a few images, videos, and inappropriate fits of rage. I hope it’s a step up from blogger and tumblr. Plus, I like having my own domain that happens to be my name dot com. However, I prefer to intake information rather than create it myself, so keep that in mind.


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