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Putting My Skills to Use

While waiting for the hard drive cable to come in the mail, I tried booting the 12-inch PowerBook from my external LaCie drive. The LaCie is a cloned image of my Macbook Pro, which is Intel-based, so it wasn’t successful in booting up an old PowerPC-based slab of metal. The kernel panic-esque screen made for a good laugh, though. But whatever, at least I tried.

Then on Friday, the ribbon cable arrived from amazon. When I got home from work, I basically dismantled the 12-inch with my eyes closed since I’ve opened and sealed it (and the 15-inch as well) already and memorized all the steps. So it took less than 20 minutes this time, and it was easy breezy beautiful cover girl. I attached the cable, inserted it, checked the connection, screwed everything back together, and powered it on. Voilà. It booted up just fine. I logged in with her account and all her stuff was there on the desktop like nothing ever happened. Well, besides the screen shrinking by 3 inches. So I handed it to her and she couldn’t believe that I was able to revive her computer. Technically, it was more of a reincarnation than a resurrection. She was very thankful, but then I got scolded for giving it to her too soon before school starts because now she has more time to mess around and break it again. And people call me ungrateful? Whatever, I’m still awesome.


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