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Pony Overload

To continue on the recent tradition of showing the world some stuff I bought, here’s part of my shoe collection. These are just my Pony stash. Seven pairs. I still have a couple Nikes and stuff outside of these guys. But I now have one pair of Ponies for each day of the week. That’s how I roll, apparently. I can’t get enough. I took these photos to make myself see that I really need to stop buying shoes, especially when they’re basically the same shoe in different colors. Although, that’s kinda awesome right there.

With the exception of my first pair, I’ve purchased all of these from JackThreads at a nice little discount. I don’t think I really succumb to the whole “I should buy this because it’s on sale” mentality, except when it comes to shoes. I’m definitely my mother’s son. At least now I have visual proof that my shoe obsession is getting to be a little much. I’d better stop now before I have more shoes than there are days in a month.

There are plenty of worse things to waste money on. At least shoes can last you a while. Although, let’s just say that these guys aren’t the longest-lasting shoes in the world. They sure look nice though, don’t they? I’m in my matchy-matchy phase of fashion where I have to be super coordinated with my outfits everyday. I mean, obviously. I used to think that no one cared about my color-matching style, but I have been getting nice compliments lately. Me? Fashionable? Maybe I’m gayer than I thought. That’s the only explanation.

I’ll try to make this one of my last “Look What I Just Bought” posts for a while. My credit card bill is a little on the omgstopbuyingthings side. I’m saving up for the $40 million Trump Tower Chicago penthouse.


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