iTunes Dock Notification

Roaming the internet as I usually do, I oftentimes stumble upon some gems for customizing my Mac even more. Here’s a cool one that I found recently, paraphrased here for posterity. It looks like it’s new to OS X Lion.

There’s a hidden setting for the Dock that will show Growl-like popup notifications for the current iTunes track.

Just quit iTunes, and then run this in a Terminal window:

defaults write itunes-notifications -bool TRUE;killall Dock

When you open iTunes and start playing a track, this little info popup appears above the iTunes dock icon. It fades away after a couple seconds. I’d recommend adding the iTunes icon to the notification, just to make it look nicer:

defaults write notification-always-show-image -bool TRUE;killall Dock

To undo these changes:

defaults delete itunes-notifications
defaults delete notification-always-show-image;killall Dock

These prefs are hidden for a reason, and they might be removed in a future OS update. But for now, they look cool.


Pony Overload

To continue on the recent tradition of showing the world some stuff I bought, here’s part of my shoe collection. These are just my Pony stash. Seven pairs. I still have a couple Nikes and stuff outside of these guys. But I now have one pair of Ponies for each day of the week. That’s how I roll, apparently. I can’t get enough. I took these photos to make myself see that I really need to stop buying shoes, especially when they’re basically the same shoe in different colors. Although, that’s kinda awesome right there.

With the exception of my first pair, I’ve purchased all of these from JackThreads at a nice little discount. I don’t think I really succumb to the whole “I should buy this because it’s on sale” mentality, except when it comes to shoes. I’m definitely my mother’s son. At least now I have visual proof that my shoe obsession is getting to be a little much. I’d better stop now before I have more shoes than there are days in a month.

There are plenty of worse things to waste money on. At least shoes can last you a while. Although, let’s just say that these guys aren’t the longest-lasting shoes in the world. They sure look nice though, don’t they? I’m in my matchy-matchy phase of fashion where I have to be super coordinated with my outfits everyday. I mean, obviously. I used to think that no one cared about my color-matching style, but I have been getting nice compliments lately. Me? Fashionable? Maybe I’m gayer than I thought. That’s the only explanation.

I’ll try to make this one of my last “Look What I Just Bought” posts for a while. My credit card bill is a little on the omgstopbuyingthings side. I’m saving up for the $40 million Trump Tower Chicago penthouse.



It came! It came! After all these years, it finally came! I have been waiting so many years for ReBoot (my favorite show of my childhood all time) to finally be released on DVD. It was the first half-hour, completely computer-animated TV series, and it was awesome. For the unfamiliar, it was basically a kids’ show from 1994 about what happens inside a computer. And the show has finally been released on DVD in its entirety. It’s been a long, hard journey for this series. There were sporadic VHS releases of a couple seasons, but not all. Then a few entities lost distribution rights after years of not releasing DVDs of the series. One of the seasons that was eventually released in the US was improperly transferred from 25fps to 24fps, which made the voices sound really slow and deep. But I guess it was better than nothing.

Now, after all that madness, the series was thankfully released as a box set that included every season all in one place, which I promptly preordered, obviously. Amazon had a nice little discount price on it, so it was less than $50 for the box set of all four seasons. It was even delivered on the same day that it was released (and I chose the slow Free Shipping option!). I was so excited, and I still am. I’m so having a marathon now. I can’t even tell you how excited I am.

These nine DVDs are the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time, and the entire property is very close to my heart. I love this series more than The Matrix property, which, if you know me, means a whole lot. It’s such a childhood obsession of mine that I never outgrew. Ostensibly a kid’s show, ReBoot is actually filled with inside jokes to pop culture, references to other works, jabs at their restrictive TV network censors, along with pretty legitimate personifications and adaptations of real technological ideas. It also got much darker in the last season. Let’s just say it’s kind of genius, and I can just watch it over and over again. And that’s exactly what I plan to do. YouTube just doesn’t cut it. I need the real thing. Now with this box set, I feel like I’m 10 years old again!



I finally caved and bought something that I’ve been wanting for years. Actually, I wanted to buy it before it even existed. As any kid who has ever seen any Star Wars movie, I obviously wanted to have a lightsaber. Too bad that the only lightsabers that were sold were cheap plastic ones that retract. Lame.

Years later, I found out that there was a company that makes official replicas and sells them for hundreds of dollars. I’ve even seen upwards of $1500 for special limited editions or whatever. And then at the end of 2010, I saw that they were being sold on thinkgeek for $99. Naturally, I whipped out my credit card faster than the speed of light. Too bad that they were sold out of the best color — green. They just had Anakin blue and Vader red in stock. Actually, I even think that Mace Windu purple was available. Obviously Luke’s lightsaber from Return of the Jedi is the best color.

Finally, 2 months later, it came back in stock. I saw the “Now In-Stock” email notification come through on my phone while riding the elevator at work. A couple minutes later, I was online and I bought it up.

It’s pretty awesome. The sound effects are cool, but I think the best part is that it powers up and powers down, rather than simply turning on and off. It’s kind of awesome. However, everyone who’s seen it says the same thing: I need to buy another one so we can duel.


Starbucks Card

I was messing around on the starbucks website while checking out options for auto-reloading my starbucks card. I came across this cool custom card page, where you could create a completely unique card with various designs and colors. I really wanted to opt for the white design called “The Original”, which has the 6 boxes (Decaf, Shots, Syrup, etc) and fill out my usual drink. But that option wasn’t as open-ended as I wanted it to be. It only let you select from a list of popular drinks (coffee, latte, frappucino, etc), but not my drink of choice – a Misto. Even worse, they don’t allow you to order the card with empty boxes printed on it; it forces you to have something written in at least one of the boxes. It’s an unnecessary limitation, if you ask me. So I went in a slightly different direction:

White Starbucks card

After spending a while looking through every single one of their offerings, I was pleasantly surprised at one in particular that allowed me to choose a blank white card. I just typed my name in there somewhere, and it came out looking pretty nice and clean. I think it looks way better than the stupid gold card. Plus, any old starbucks customer gets the same old gold card after buying a measly month’s worth of drinks. I like this one. It’s nice and unique. And all mine. I think it was pretty good for a $4 purchase.